Compound Traders 

The trading program designed to empower and learn technical skills step by step.

Learn to trade setups for the pre market, open market, shorting, large cap and futures.

Why Enroll in Our Trading Program?

Self - Paced Program

Updated lesson library with over 40 self paced videos covering pre market, open market, shorting, large cap stocks and futures markets.

Setups for 4 different Markets -      Pre Market, Open Market, Shorting, Large Cap and Futures

Yearly subscription fee that covers all materials, chatroom access with comprehensive library of setups with fortnightly one on one mentoring by reviewing trades.

Professional Mentors

Learn an in depth mentorship program with process methodologies that lead to improvements. You will be guided by traders trading every day.

About Compound Traders 

We aim to empower traders world wide through knowledge and skills.

Compound Traders developed over many years looking at many different resources with disappoint. This resulted in the Compound Traders trading program been developed. The following topics are covered:-

  1. Shares, Options and Futures

  2. Short Setups vs Other Setups

  3. Price Action

  4. Patterns

  5. Computer and Scanner Setup

  6. Software Exposure

  7. Demand and Supply

  8. Support and Resistance

  9. Technical Indicators

  10. Programming of indicators

  11. Key Tool Management

  12. Market Structure

  13. Processes Related to Trading

  14. Trading Methodologies

  15. Fundamental Analysis

See more details in the Trading Program page with over 40 videos including checklists, indicators, discord channel and other materials.

Our Point of Difference

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Expand your knowledge toolkit by accessing charts and applied knowledge.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill